Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fauxcolour. Marry me in a yellow field.

Pinterest. Mentally preparing myself for winter- precocious you say? Perhaps, especially considering the heat is unbearable in Italy, but I like this look.

Amazing. Is there anything prettier than riding a bike in a ballerina skirt?

Be a man.

Pinterest. I love pictures of bikes, can't really explain why.

Clèmence Poèsy. Nice outfit.

Dances with wolves. Could this be real?! Highly doubt it but would be cool if it were.

Pinterest. I can't resist these overly romantic staged photos.

Gah! Amazing. This is what my children are gonna look like.

Clèmence Poèsy.

I'm not there.

Pinterest. 50s tattoo.

Facehunter. Great leggings.


Janis Joplin. Great picture, really captures her.

Pineberries! I pray to God these are real because I MUST try them (pineapple strawberries).