Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vogue Japan. Hooray for clashing prints, especially if they're stars and polka dots!

Dip dye.

Connectingto-fashion-server. Great jacket.

Gorgeous dress.


Great socks!

Amazing. I'll never get over liquid nitrogen.

Best. Styling. Ever. Sallyjanevintage.

How to makes converse look grown-up.

*swoon* I have to break into this studio somehow and make a run for it with all these gorgeous clothes. Sallyjanevintage.

Careless chic. Love it- looks just like my hair though so I'm obviously partial.

Love this outfit. Vanillascented.

Incredible. The amount of work that must have gone into this!

Tim Walker right on point as usual.

Love this Sartorialist picture. Ahh how I miss the caf├Ęs of Paris! Even though generally over-priced and tiny we'll overlook this for their unique charm.


  1. Too bad we can never touch the beauty of liquid nitrogen!

  2. cool blog!!!


  3. Thank you!! Btw we can touch liquid nitrogen it just doesn't feel as cool as it looks (no pun intended!) it's just like really cold air.

  4. love the pictures!
    great blog!