Monday, 29 August 2011

Vogue Japan. Mariacarla Boscono looking like the Victorian doll that she is.

Lookbook. Rock on

Can't fully decide if I like the white skirt on all black, but it's a nice skirt and it matches her hair!

Great picture.

Desert ennui.


Would love to get this in a much smaller size.


Amazing! Secret service nails. Has to happen to mine. Now. Nickelcobalt.

Dinan, Brittany. Cutest place ever! A film has to be filmed here immediately.

Styleclicker. Childish chic. Love the doorway.

Maria Nilsdotter does amazing jewellery. I already have a bow ring from accesorize but these are soo much better! Love the imperfection.

Maria Nilsdotter silk scarf. Creepy cool.

Sorrento, Italy. One of my favourite places.

Maria Nilsdotter. Want them!