Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yvan Rodic. Draped cape.

Lookbook- Rock on

Lookbook. Modern ruby slippers.

Lookbook. Little red riding jumper.

Underwater courtship. Bruce Mozertom

Gorgeous. Flower-fairy folk version of the royal wedding/ Lord of the Rings. Dreamy

Lollapalooza flower girl. Childish 90s chic.

LOVE stack rings.

Ellie Goulding. Glam rock!

Ruby Aldridge for Madewell. Work the boy look.

Summer laziness

I love the alluring mysteriousness of under-exposed photos. Who is that person, what could be lurking in the shadows?!

Wrangler. Love me some sexy cowboy

Fashion's version of underwater. Alexander Mcqueen. Magical


  1. Hey! =D I found your blog via IFB! I I love all your images; my favorite looks are the very first drape outfit and Ruby's menswear look! I'm now following you, do you think you could check mine out as well?


  2. thanks for the appreciation! I checked out yours too, you look like a doll! xxx