Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Zara Trf August 2011

Lay my head down.


I love Fornasetti, we've got a few plates on our kitchen wall.

The Starry Night.

Pinterest. Great picture.

Gorgeous draping.

Fallen Angel. Peter Lindbergh for Numerò.



Dazed and Confused. Love the colours, and that field! Amazing.

Peter Lindbergh for Harper's Bazaar 1993. Seems to be a recurring theme.

Gorgeous exhibition by Paul Wadsworth. Get sketched wearing that dress- great idea.

Lookbook. Flowerpower.

Sarah Jessica Parker just wore this outit to a premier. Love the dress, not crazy about the cape. And then there's the shoes...they're quite funky off but they just make it look like she's got seriously weird toes on.

Clèmence Poèsy. Lovely.

Print from Urban Outfitters. Love it!

Yet again very pleasantly surprised.

I know where I'm going for autumn! ( I have to get me a parka)

Very Prince!

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